Pacific Fruits International

We are a 100% Colombian company dedicated to the commercialization of fresh fruits of the best quality such as AVOCADO HASS, and PIÑA MD-2.

We export worldwide traditional and exotic Colombian fruits of excellent quality, complying with the standards and conditions required in the national and international market through the formation of strategic alliances and the promotion of socioeconomic development, the quality of life of families and the human talent that they integrate him.

Our Market

Our company is located 4 hours away from the Buenaventura Port, It is located in the Pacific Ocean; where we have several maritime routes with good transits to North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Furthermore we are located 5 minutes away from Cali International Airport (CLO) which has daily flights to North America, Europe and the possibility of connections to arrive to Asia via Madrid or Miami very fast.  Our main markets are Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, United States, Canada, Russia, and Poland. Additionally, we have done some shipments to Italy, Ukraine, Dubai and Singapore. The goal for this year, is to work for some customers in Hong Kong.

Social Commitment

The corporate responsibility processes of PACIFIC FRUIT INTERNATIONAL S.A.S. are aimed to improve the quality of life, through the approach of licit agricultural practices that guarantee social, economic and environmental benefits, where the cultural roots and the family junction constitute the fundamental pillars of these practices, contributing to the development of the community


KM1 Via Aeropuerto – Rozo Palmira Valle del Cauca Colombia – 763537

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