We are a 100% Colombian company dedicated to the commercialization of fresh fruits of the best quality such as AVOCADO HASS, and PIÑA MD-2.
We export worldwide traditional and exotic Colombian fruits of excellent quality, complying with the standards and conditions required in the national and international market through the formation of strategic alliances and the promotion of socioeconomic development, the quality of life of families and the human talent that they integrate him.


Commercialize national and internationally fruits and Colombian products that meet the highest quality standards. Contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of life of the population and human talent related directly or indirectly to the company. Support environmental conservation processes through environmental policies and the development of management strategies that involve quality processes in all the links of the production chain.


PACIFIC FRUITS INTERNATIONAL S.A.S. will lead in 2020 production and commercialization processes of optimal, efficient and highly competitive fruits and Colombian products that will maintain the company in the international market scenario, becoming an important source of employment generation, with a high commitment of corporate responsibility, founded on the respect, inclusion and integral development of the social asset that composes it.


  • Integral development of human talent
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Active Participation of Human Talent
  • Respect
  • Competitiveness
  • Management and Innovation
  • Sustainable and Environmental Development
  • Optimization of the quality in the processes
  • Commitment


PACIFIC FRUITS INTERNATIONAL SAS commercializes national and international fruit and Colombian products certified under strict production schemes for the national fruit industry, framed in the support of productive alliances and in principles of honesty, leadership and integral development of Human Talent, committed to the continuous improvement of process safety and full satisfaction of the demands, requirements and expectations of our customers and consumers.


PACIFIC FRUITS INTERNATIONAL SAS, is located in the South Western corridor of the country just 4 hours from the port of Buenaventura and just 5 minutes from Cali International Airport, and its settling makes the provision of agricultural products more accessible to producers of the different regions of our territory, thus strengthening and consolidating productive strategic alliances in the interest of improving the quality of life of the beneficiary families in the productive process and in the fulfillment of their socio-economic vision, since it links within its field of action over 38 municipalities in the departments of Cauca, Nariño and Valle del Cauca where part of the Process of Resocialization and Peace of our country are developed, guiding the company to become a systematic integrator in the construction of a stable Peace , lasting and sustainable.

Social Commitment

The corporate responsibility processes of PACIFIC FRUIT INTERNATIONAL are aimed to improve the quality of life, through the approach of licit agricultural practices that guarantee social, economic and environmental benefits, where the cultural roots and the family junction constitute the fundamental pillars of these practices, contributing to the development of the community, through the general principle of Gender Equality, understood as equal opportunities for women and men, the balanced distribution of the burdens and benefits of development, where the general interest in this area, especially in areas where as a result of violence, women have faced a great burden of psychosocial situations in order to protect the integrity of their families.


KM1 Via Aeropuerto - Rozo Palmira Valle del Cauca Colombia - 763537

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