Export 19 tons of Hass avocado from Putumayo to the Netherlands

Through the company Pacific Fruits International, this shipment of 19.5 tons of Colombian fruit was exported.

A group of producers from the Bella Vista district, municipality of Sibundoy (Putumayo) managed to export the first shipment of Hass avocado of 19.5 tons to the Netherlands. The external sale was the result of a year of work implementing the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) that was supported by the ICA.

The press release highlights that the shipment left the La Aurora property in Sibundoy, owned by producer Miguel Angel Vallejo, who selected the best avocados of his crop to send it to the packing plant of the company Pacific Fruits International SAS, located in the municipality of Rozo (Valle del Cauca).

The report explains that the Colombian Hass avocado was transported by land to the Port of Buenaventura, to cross the Pacific Ocean to its final destination in Rotterdam (Holland).

“Through the company Pacific Fruits International SAS, this shipment of Hass avocado was exported, which represents a huge advance, not only for the agricultural production of the department, but for the producers who now see this shipment as the beginning of a dream complied, “said Jehann Favio Muñoz Quijano, section manager of the ICA in Putumayo.

The Colombian authorities hope that this first step will allow the opening of new commercial doors abroad. In this operation, phytosanitary regulations demanded by international markets have been complied with.

The La Aurora farm, where these quality avocados are grown, is the only one that is currently certified by the ICA for the export of fresh vegetables throughout the department of Putumayo, according to the report of the state entity.

“It is important to highlight the work and dedication of the producers of our department, who have endeavored to adapt their agricultural practices to current quality and safety standards and which ICA requires as a phytosanitary authority. Also, in the short term we will certify nine Hass avocado farms and three more dedicated to the production of granadilla, “said the ICA section manager in Putumayo.

The producer Miguel Ángel Vallejo, owner of the La Aurora property, expressed his happiness and assured that “it is possible to export”.